Foundation is a platform that aims to build a new creative economy—a world where creators can use the Ethereum blockchain to value their work in entirely new ways, and build stronger connections with their supporters.

Currently there are two artworks from the Breed series available to collect.

KnownOrigin is one the world’s first, and largest, NFT Marketplaces, built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Allowing everyone to discover, collect, buy, and sell Digital Art NFTs.

Currently their are two pieces from the coreMEMories series up for bids on KnownOrigin.

1stDibs is a leading online marketplace for extraordinary design since 2000 enabling creators and collectors to make meaningful connections in the digital world.

Currently there is one artwork from the Spotlight Exhibition available to collect.


Geist is a visual manifestation of a million thoughts on the verge of petrification. A mental shard. A rendered artefact of an indefinitely continuing battle between burning out and fading away.

The overwhelming complexity of 100.000 polygons and procedural displacement mimicking pearlescent calcium carbonate directly correlate with the often futile process of overthinking. Ultimately Geist is the metaphorical beacon leading to the final conclusion – there is beauty in breakdown.

Geist, 2022 – Up for grabs


When the pandemic hit Germany in March 2020 I decided to shoot ‘BREED – Epilogue’, a short film and hommage to Harrison Vincent’s ‘Breed’. The film has been shot in camera using fluids which have been digitally enhanced afterwards. ‘BREED – Epilogue’ was featured on Behance shortly after release. ‘BREED 03’ is the final part of a digital triptych.

Breed 01, 2020 – Up for grabs

Breed 02, 2020 – Up for grabs

Breed 03, 2020 – Sold

Forever, 2018

In July 2018 I was invited to create a short film for Pause Fest, Melbourne based leading conference for business and creativity. I spent four months shooting all sorts of materials – from glas orbs to liquids and prisms visualising Emily Dickinson’s famous quote ‘Forever – Is Composed Of Nows’. The film is loosely based on Robert Plutchik’s “Wheel Of Emotions” which describes eight primary emotions we experience in life.

Forever, 2018 – Sold

Cell, 2019

CELL has been shot in camera with various household liquids and fluorescent acrylic color. Under certain conditions combining fluids with different viscosities produces beautiful cells with an almost organic appeal. The gentle and hypnotic metamorphosis makes taking your eyes off of CELL almost impossible. However, I have never been able to reproduce this look which really makes it a one of a kind piece.

Cell, 2019 – Sold


Everyone has experienced something in their lives that they will never forget. Be it haunting, soothing, inspiring or engaging. Some of those memories hold us hostage. Some frame our presence and future.

‘coreMEMories’ refer to very few specific events in our lives that deeply shape the way we are.

Driving High, 2019 – Up for grabs

Bioluminescence – Up for grabs

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